Our biomimicry immersions are an adventure into the discovery of the genius & wisdom of nature.

Our Biomimicry IMMERSIOns

Our biomimicry immersions are open to anyone and planned for set dates each year, or we can arrange a tailor-made one for your company/organisation/group/team. 

From the smallest creatures to the largest systems, you will explore some of nature’s most remarkably genius systems, designs, innovations, technologies and ideas, guided by a Biomimicry Professional and specialist nature guides. Along with your fellow explorers, you have the choice of simply discovering, or going deeper; to contemplate and create, apply what you learn, to the design of new products, processes or systems. Discover how to emulate nature's forms, recipes and systems, rekindle a sense of awe, scope the biomimicry opportunities to take forward into your world.

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For over a decade, BiomimicrySA have hosted biomimicry immersions in wonderful parts of Africa - from the Kruger Park, to Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta. We will continue to run open expeditions in wonderful parts of Africa.

The slideshow below includes images from some of our previous expeditions


Every immersion is an opportunity to deeply explore and crystalize your understanding of how nature works, and apply it to your field of expertise. I can guarantee that if you commit to deeply engaging with the expedition and what it has to offer, you are sure to change the way you work upon returning. Rob and Claire together are a genius team to guide you through this experience.
— Shannon Royden-Turner, Informal-South. Biomimicry practitioner.
All this you can discover on your own but coming with Claire and Rob Janisch adds another dimension. Rob tells you how all the organisms work – why they have developed exactly in this way and Claire tells you how to translate the brilliant strategies - developed over millions of years - into a human design. They both do it in a highly skilled way with a touch of loving humour.
— Pernille Lethenborg, Biomimicry Specialist, Denmark
It is difficult to describe the experience of being immersed in a natural environment with Claire and Rob. Even though I have been exposed to Biomimicry for several years and see it as a guide to a more resilient appropriate human system, this experience deepened my understanding of how the interconnectedness of the system is integral to its resilience. It has strengthened my resolve to integrate biomimicry into all aspects of my life. Thank you to both for an invaluable, enriching, inspiring, memorable 4 days that is a light at the end of the tunnel in terms how we move towards a more inclusive society. Enough for all forever.”
— Elspeth Donovan, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
The immersion experience has really deepened my understandings of how everything is connected, and at much more than just an intellectual level, so in this way – and in other ways as well - it has transformed how I relate to the world and will certainly drive my future actions of how I live in the world. For this, and for the wonderful camaraderie and friendship of all who were there, I am very grateful. Thank you Claire, and Rob, for putting together such an awesome experience for us.
— Barbara Jones, Educator