Keynote and specialist presentations on how nature's genius is inspiring disruptive innovation and a regenerative, resilient future

Our team of Biomimicry Professionals and Practitioners deliver passionate and engaging presentations that explore the genius of nature and how it is inspiring extraordinary innovation. Innovation not only of new technologies, products, processes and systems, but also innovative thinking, systems redesign, beyond sustainability, and so much more. We provide a vision of what the future could be like as we learn to emulate and translate how nature successfully operates. Our keynote presentations are truly visionary, thought provoking, mind-blowing and uplifting.

We introduce you to the abundant and exponential proficiencies that are found in nature - many already being utilised to solve human challenges and many more waiting to be discovered. Our talks cover topics across the board providing inspiring examples of thriving solutions to challenges for any organization or topic. We are comfortable with any audience – business, design, science, engineering, architecture, industry, manufacturing, agriculture, environment, government, education, medicine, etc.

SOME PREVIOUS Speaking Events

  • Global Women of the Year Awards, Ecuador, 2009

  • Ireland Biomimicry Events, Dublin, 2010

  • Netherlands Biomimicry Events, Rotterdam, 2011

  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Africa, Cape Town, 2011

  • Woolworths Supply Chain Conference, Cape Town, 2012

  • National Science Festival, Grahamstown, 2012

  • Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Prince of Wales BEP Alumni: 2012-2017

  • Dutch Consulate in South Africa, Water Partnerships, 2012

  • Sustain Our Africa, Cape Town, 2012

  • Department of Science & Technology, 2013

  • Coalsafe, 2014

  • South African Sugar Association Conference, 2015

  • Alan Gray Orbis Foundation, 2015

  • Mensa Western Cape, Somerset West and Cape Town 2015

  • Thought Leaders Academy breakfast, 2015

  • FutureWorld: Barclays, Exxaro & Eqstra, 2016

  • Exxaro head office, 2016

  • RCL Foods, top execs, 2016

  • Global Biomimicry Conference, Netherlands 2016

  • Sustainability Leadership Conference, 2016

  • Singularity University, Future of Cities event, Cape Town, 2017

  • Future of Education, KZN, 2017

  • Future of Cities Masterclass, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2017

  • WRC/DST National Biomimicry Conference, Cape Town, 2017

  • RAPDASA (Rapid Manufacturing Association of SA) Conference, Durban, Cape Town, 2017

  • Ubuntu Conference, 2018

  • Africa Utility Week, Cape Town, 2018

  • Future of Cities Masterclass, London, 2018

  • African Chemicals Imbizo, Durban, 2018

  • Autodesk University Africa Summit, Johannesburg, 2018

  • O’Reilly Velocity Conference, London, 2018 (“There is no better place to imbibe the most up-to-date tech zeitgeist than at an O’Reilly Media event…” - Gil Press, Forbes)

  • South African Institute of Civil Engineering SEED conference, Johannesburg, 2018

  • CXTech Fest, Pretoria, 2018

Upcoming presentations:

  • Young Presidents Organisation, KZN March 2019

  • Mastering SAPS conference, Jhb 15 April 2019

  • SAPS conference, Jhb 13 May 2019

  • Legal & Tech Fest, Jhb 10 June 2019

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A phenomenal presentation of a possible future world that is worth working towards! Unbelievable presenter!
— Participant, Legal & Tech Fest 2019
Best presentation of the conference so far. Thought provoking and inspiring
— Participant, Legal & Tech Fest 2019
What a riveting presentation you delivered yesterday at Legal Tech Conference! I was in total awe! Please send me more information on Biomimicry ... it is a fascinating subject that I had never heard of prior to your presentation. Your style of presenting is very gripping.
— Andrew Chinnah, Amnesty International
What an eye opener! The content was great, and the presenter was beyond excellent!
— Mastering SAP conference, 2019
The Biomimicry session was, in my view, one of the best creativity inspiring sessions I have been to and it was very highly rated in the feedback from Candidate Fellows. Personally, I think exposure to Biomimicry and the opportunities that learning from the world around us can bring to entrepreneurship can add value to the Programme for both Alumni and Candidate Fellows.
— Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, Immanuel Commarmond
We set you an objective of introducing biomimicry to our water and energy stakeholders and inspiring them to look to nature to solve some of the most pressing issues. I believe that you not only introduced the subject and concept, but inspired people to look at challenges differently. Following your presentation people came to me to express their gratitude for inviting you and said that it was a highlight of their week. In addition, I was asked where organisations could find out more on biomimicry and BiomimicrySA so I guided them to your website. We do hope that we can continue working together and look at areas for how BiomincrySA can use African Utility Week as a platform for engaging the African energy and water industries in the future.
— Natalie Bacon Programme Director,
Claire evokes a world teeming with near perfect function, holding untold possibilities for our future on this extraordinary planet.... If there’s one word which Claire both personifies and inspires, it is surely wonder
— Miöja
That was the most profoundly impactful talk I have ever heard. It was so unexpected.
— Banking Professional
I attended a presentation this morning and I am completely blown away by the information given and projects in progress. I would love to know more about biomimicry.
— Engineer
Thank you for the eye-opening talk today Claire. I’m in the process of working out how I can get involved and use my resources to advance this biomimicry paradigm
— Student Leadership UKZN Pmb
This is the most inspired I have been in my whole career. Wow this is life-changing – not just the information, but the whole new perspective on the world and our place in it. I am truly moved by how deeply meaningful and transformational biomimicry is. I loved Claire’s talk and will be creating opportunities for so many more to hear it.
— Environmental Management Professional
“I appreciated the fact that I felt like you had opened my mind not to just ‘how does nature solve this?’ but you got me to remember that there is a different way to think …. Typically I think in business we group think too much.”
— Nicki Hill, Direct Axis