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Biomimicry Life's Principles Workshop, May 2017

"Life creates conditions for life to flourish. Life's Principles are the deep principles for how nature achieves this. Learning to apply these - not only expands your mind and deepens your appreciation of the genius of nature, but it's a brilliant, practical innovation tool especially when designing anything for resilience and sustainability." - Biomimicry Professional Alumni


Cape Town 6-7 May, KZN Midlands 13-14 May, and Magaliesberg 27-28 May 2017

We are hosting a Life's Principles workshop in each of Cape Town, KZN and Gauteng. You can attend this workshop whether or not you have completed the Biomimicry101 workshop. The workshops are held at venues in nature to combine learning these principles from nature and then applying them to the design of our world.  

This program exposes you to nature’s key strategies for innovation, sustainability, and resilience. By learning from these deep principles, we can model innovative strategies, measure our designs against these sustainable benchmarks, and allow ourselves to be mentored by nature’s genius using Life’s Principles as our aspirational ideals. They serve as a systems-thinking super tool for optimised, innovative, sustainable design. The Biomimicry Life's Principles workshop is a chance for you to explore these principles in more detail while working on a practical challenge using LEGO with interdisciplinary teams to integrate the learning.

Anyone at all (age >12yrs) and particularly those interested in incorporating nature’s definitive innovation & sustainability principles into their organisation’s strategic planning, systems, processes, products & services design and delivery. Anyone interested in connecting with the deep wisdom and genius of nature while expanding their mind and creativity.

Participants will gain the following from attending this workshop:

  • An overview of each of Life’s Principles - in nature and in application
  • The method for applying Life’s Principles to relevant challenges
  • How to leverage Life’s Principles as innovation, sustainability and systems thinking tools
  • Exploring the principles through experiential tools including LEGO 
  • Interdisciplinary team challenge using Life’s Principles 

Claire Janisch, Biomimicry Professional 


Cape Town LPs Workshop: 6-7 May at Monkey Valley Noordhoek: Tuition & venue cost = R2000pp  (does not include accommodation)
KZN Midlands LPs Workshop, 13-14 May in Dargle Valley, KZN Midlands: Tuition & venue cost = R2000pp (does not include accommodation)
Magaliesberg LPs Workshop, 27-28 May at Sima Kade Bush Camp, Magaliesberg: Tuition, venue and accommodation cost: R2450pp for Fri & Sat night accommodation, or R2300pp for Sat night accommodation only

Discounted rates are available for students and NGOs.  

Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

To book, please Email info[a] by 13 April. 
Please provide your invoicing details and indicate which workshop you will be attending. 


“I would like to commend the exceptional manner with which you managed to take a very large volume of information and distilled the essential elements. This was so well executed, that I can venture to say on behalf of many of the attendee’s that not only did we grasp the key aspects of Biomimicry, but I received enough information to be able to consider how we could change many of our current practices with some basic Biomimicry concepts to improve them. I have been left with a thirst for more information on Biomimicry that you can expect to see me and some of my team at you future courses. Once again thank you for opening a whole new way of thinking”.  - Dr Mgondo WIBC (Innovation Incubator)

“Workshop: Structured yet relaxed with a well-designed balance between individual and group interaction. The content was focussed and concisely presented, yet clearly supported by a huge and accessible body of knowledge. The venue was professional and – I believe – conducive to the overall message. Tools/Lego: Very powerful use of mundane (and not so mundane!) items to convey a powerful message! Easy to use and not requiring deep skill levels from the audience." - participant from DigiCore

" I enjoyed your mix of theory and practical application of the concepts. The workshop was pitched at a level that allowed people from diverse backgrounds to participate fully. The tone and feel , relevant to biomimicry philosophy, neither rushed nor slow. I enjoyed life principles , though I still need to make time to understand the depth of theory, I could relate on a layman’s level to the concepts. Most importantly I could make my own examples from my lived experiences. I also appreciate the environment and context, the venue made us feel at home which added to the safe homely environment conducive to learning. Practical experience of exploring strategies from nature laid a solid foundation for me to become more alert to minute details in nature that makes one to uncover the mysteries of nature’s strategies. The examples and clips that you shared with us were invaluable to biomimicry thinking as a practice . Finally your personality is commendable, keep up the good work what you have established will go a long long way. (intervening on the paradigm shifting  level)" - Mpho Ngoepe, UCT GSB