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Biomimicry101 Workshop, Cape Town

  • Iziko Natural History Museum Company's Gardens Cape Town South Africa (map)


The Cape Town Biomimicry Network (in association with BiomimicrySA) will be hosting a 2 day introductory Workshop- the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of Biomimicry. Great for reconnecting with nature, and inspiring you to see the challenges we face in our daily professional and personal lives in a different way.

By learning from nature we can create more efficient and effective systems/technology/processes/forms to advance society, business and improve environmental conditions.


Weekend 26 & 27 August 2017
Saturday 26 -> 9.30 to 16:00
Sunday 27 -> 10.00 to 16:00


Iziko Natural History Museum, Company's Garden, Cape Town


Tickets available from QUICKET HERE, or contact us about EFT.
**First 2 students and 2 adults to get tickets receive 50% off each**


The course sweeps through the basics of Biomimicry, ensuring that by the end, everyone has had a taste of the Biomimicry Design Process. Whether you see Biomimicry as an interest, an exciting line of study, a way to solve challenges, or a potential future career, most Cape Town network members started their journey with a Biomimicry101 course!

Day 1

We dive straight into an incredible array of nature's beautiful designs! Inspiration is taken from every corner of the earth, and many examples will truly amaze. We are reminded that we are a part of nature. That many of our challenges have already been solved by other living organisms.

Then the principles of Biomimicry will be laid out, giving us insight into the overarching conditions of our planet. Although simple and intuitive, they are often a long way from our current status quo. They also combine to create results far greater than their sum. In other words, we build from the simple through to the systems.

Day 2

Unfortunately there is no such subject as "Nature", so Biomimicry is all about multi-disciplinarity. It is also a practice which is only understood through many different activities. As a result, after reflecting on the stunning overview provided on day 1, it's time to move around, and use our senses as well as our minds. 

We will guide you in experiencing the living world around you in a completely different light. Getting up-close to the seemingly simple, unveils a breathtaking beauty. The solar panel biotechnology in every leaf. The ability to self-repair. The vast array of colours that are created without toxic paints. Materials stronger than steel. And interconnected networks between millions of actors and over incredibly large scales with no cables or computers.

Finally, with all of this new information, we help you to carry out your own practical Biomimicry project. You can pick an issue that affects any aspect of your life/work, or we can suggest something that puts you out of your comfort zone, either way consolidating your learning from the course.

< Come and discover Biomimicry, on an incredible weekend! >

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