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Biomimicry101 Workshop CAPE TOWN

  • Greenways Manor Guesthouse 1 Torquay Avenue Cape Town, WC, 7708 South Africa (map)

Biomimicry 101 Workshop Cape Town, 14-15 April 2018

The Cape Town Biomimicry Network (in association with BiomimicrySA) will be hosting a Biomimicry 101 Workshop. This 2-day workshop is great for reconnecting with nature, and inspiring you to see the challenges we face in our daily professional and personal lives in a different way.

By learning from nature, we have access to a world of limitless inspiration, as well as a new framework with which we can redesign our products, processes and systems. In this workshop, we focus on learning the practical methodology and tools for designing a sustainable (and thriving!) world, based on nature's genius.

Biomimicry is multidisciplinary, so you don't need a background in biology to attend – everyone is welcome! 

DATE: Sat-Sun, 14-15 April 2018

VENUE: Greenways Manor Guesthouse, 1 Torquay Avenue, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa, 7708

TIME: 9.30am - 4pm both days

COST: R900pp for professionals, R500pp for students.

FACILITATOR: Jessica Berliner



The course sweeps through the basics of Biomimicry, ensuring that by the end, everyone has had a taste of the biomimicry Design Process. Whether you see biomimicry as an interest, an exciting line of study, a way to solve challenges, or a potential future career, most Cape Town network members started their journey with a Biomimicry101 course!

Day 1

We dive straight into a showcase of nature's incredible designs and adaptations! We are reminded that we are a part of nature, and that many of our challenges have already been solved by other living organisms. We will guide you in experiencing the living world around you in a completely different light. Getting up-close to the seemingly simple, unveils a breathtaking complexity. From benign chemistry to perfected aerodynamics, from no-fade colour to non-toxic healthcare. From micro organisms to entire ecosystems, we introduce you to this world of inspiration. The day is comprised of a series of lectures and activities, ending in you creating a nature-inspired design! 

Day 2

On the second day, we delve deeper into the practical methodology of biomimicry, and focus in on understanding how we can use nature as a guide for solving our challenges. After a short refresher, we help you to carry out your own practical biomimicry project. You can choose to work on a personal issue that you feel passionate about, or we can provide you with some suggested topics. The aim of this project is to consolidate your learning from the course. 


Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided free of charge, but participants will need to bring their own lunch. During the workshop, we like spend as much time outside as our schedule allows, so we will be making use of the beautiful garden on site. 

We look forward to seeing you there!
x  The Cape Town Biomimicry Network