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Biomimicry in Africa Webinar

We are excited to be working with partners in Uganda and Nigeria to help to seed formal Biomimicry networks in East and West Africa. This will be initiated through seed events, including a training webinar workshop as a collaboration initiation event. Since this event is online we are opening it up to any countries in Africa to identify where there is further interest to seed formal biomimicry networks in Africa.

  • 7 October: Regional Biomimicry Webinar Workshop for Africa

  • Location: online, or get-together in Kampala, Uganda

  • Date: 7th October 2019

  • Times: 1pm-4pm (SAST or GMT+2)

  • Costs: Price: $20 USD, Students: $5 USD.


  • Further information: through info[a] Your contact in Uganda is Ezra Masolaki: masolaki.ezra[a] Questions call Ezra on: +256775666073

  • Partners: Susty Vibes, Nigeria and Ezra Masolaki. If you would be interested in becoming a partner organisation in a formal Regional Biomimicry network in Africa, please contact info[a]


1.     Claire Janisch & Gamelihle Sibanda of Biomimicry South Africa

2.     Ezra Masolaki- Host and co-director Tree Resource Enterprises Ltd


Biomimicry South Africa, Mbale Coalition against Poverty: Uganda, Susty Vibes: Nigeria

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Webinar workshop content:

An introductory training workshop in the practice of biomimicry plus a discussion to identify existing biomimicry initiatives/practices in Africa and seed new/further biomimicry education and practice in Africa. To establish formal Biomimicry Networks in other regions of Africa (beyond South Africa).

Biomimicry is the science and practice of learning FROM and emulating nature’s forms, processes & systems, to create more sustainable products, processes & systems. It is applied in almost every field and particularly: engineering, design, architecture, business, agriculture, sustainability, resilience planning, organisational design, exponential technologies, biology, ecology, medicine, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

In the workshop you will learn the Why, What and How of Biomimicry. The workshop will also be an opportunity to explore opportunities to seed further regional biomimicry networks with organisations interested in collaborating to bring biomimicry education and practice to their country.