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Sacred Ecology - RedWoods, San Francisco

Deep ecology emerges out of deep experience of nature. We have to touch the soil, walk in woods, swim in the sea, watch the clouds and celebrate the sunset. Only from such experience can a deep commitment to respect and care for nature arise. Only then can we move from consumerism to conservation.
— Satish Kumar: Soil. Soul.Society - a new trinity for our time
Learn how to see. Explore the art of science and the science of art. Realise that everything connects to everything else.
— Leonardo Da Vinci

Join us for this inspiring 1-day workshop exploring the sacred in nature and ourselves, deepening the “re-connect” component of the practice of biomimicry.

Sacred:  entitled to reverence and respect, highly valued and important.

Ecology: concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environments, the totality or pattern of relations between organisms and their environment, an often delicate, intricate or complex system.

An Invitation

Immersed in the Redwoods of Muir Woods, we will explore the deep patterns in nature, and what this reveals about the sacred interconnectedness of all things, in particular how we ourselves fit within the larger harmonics of nature and the cosmos. This will be a melding of science, art, wonder, and deep presence within the natural world, with reflections on the fascinating re-emergence of biomimicry and the potential to deepen its application in the conscious design of a world that nourishes all life at multiple levels.

It is a brief journey of re-enchantment, intended to generate hope and enable inspired action from a profoundly deeper and wider perspective.


Attuning to Life’s Flows

For every process of entropy (leading to degeneration/disorder ) there is a process of syntropy (self-organising formative processes of life that are generative). The best example of syntropy, is life itself.  It is the law of order and organization, finality and differentiation, the ability to attract, evolve and bring together ever-increasing complex forms creating something new. 

So much of our attention focuses on the entropic forces at play – the degeneration of our bodies, our politics, our ecosystems, our world. Can we empower new potentials, bring new systems into being, through our consciousness of, and interconnectedness with syntropic forces? How can we bring the health of ourselves and our systems into resonance with the harmonics of the natural world?

Taking time to explore and connect with these deep patterns in nature – within, without, above, below – is rare. Yet when we do, we broaden and deepen our (re)connection to ourselves, to nature and beyond into the cosmos - and our capacity to nurture life.

Areas of Learning

  • Observing life’s principles in nature – considering how this wisdom, evolved over millennia, might guide the way we work, live and act in the world

  • Traversing the territory where science meets sacred – the holofractographic universe, holistic systems, sacred geometry, interrelatedness, syntropy, biomimicry, and creative evolution.

  • Slowing down - attuning the senses to connectedness, our participation in what is emerging/being called for from the future.

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Take Home

  • A sense of wonder and possibility inspired by nature

  • A greater sense of your wilder self and what it ‘knows’

  • Appreciation for the ‘dance of life’ and your participation in it

  • A deepened eco-sophy – informing how you might live, work and act in the world

Activities will include:

  • Walking and deep observation in nature

  • Synthesised content – multi-media presentation and experiential practice (including Biomimicry, Plasma & Electric Universe Science, The Deep Patterns in Nature, and more)

  • Group conversation and shared learning

  • Personal time – quantumplation, journaling, visioning (Imagine a World that Functions like a Forest)

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Date: 12 December 2019

Location: Muir Woods, Community Park Association, San Francisco, California

Cost: TBC… Includes participant material, immersion content and facilitation, lunch and refreshments

For more information or to register, contact: info(a)

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Claire Janisch, is the founding Director of BiomimicrySA. As a Certified Biomimicry Professional, she spends her time exploring nature’s genius in diverse ecosystems and shares this new way of viewing and valuing nature through biomimicry expeditions and coaching– teaching & training professionals, students and scholars. She also dives deeper into research for companies and organisations - translating nature’s innovation and sustainability principles for the design of new products, processes & systems. Claire used to run The Genius Lab (exploring the genius around us to inspire the genius within us) integrating multi-disciplines.

With special thanks to The Biomimicry Institute for assistance in hosting this event.

Humanity stands at a transition point. We have developed technology that has allowed us to manipulate our external landscape, the material world, to an incredibly high degree. But we have yet to fully accept the challenge of understanding our internal landscape, the spiritual world and the power of the mind, with any degree of sophistication and maturity. It’s pretty clear in mythological terms what happens with this approach. It is called a “wasteland” scenario. Humanity becomes alienated from nature and from itself. Our instincts become duller and we can no longer recognise our beating heart as the beating Heart of Humanity and the beating heart of Mother Earth. Nature does not speak to us and we do not speak to it. At this point of development, the existence of the human soul might even be questioned as a fairy tale. This is a state of materialism that has gotten profoundly out of balance. It is the mark of materialism to believe that the immaterial or insubstantial either does not exist and/ore is inherently useless.
— Peter Shea, Alchemy of the Extraordinary
We can do it and we will. Earth and the heavens, humans, the animals and the elements, our past and our future, the forgiveness of our stupidity and the remembrance of our sanity: we will come together as an enlightened civilization and it will be our most glorious accomplishment yet. A magical and soul-quenching sight to behold. Earth’s collective destiny is nigh. You are all eternally loved and cherished beyond measure. All is well. All is perfect. All is as it should be.
— Benthino Massaro